Price Guide

For anyone wanting a custom tattoo design, I have now put together a rough price guide for you to have a look at. This is just to give clients an idea of what they will be looking to pay for a design and also any additional charges too such as colour. price guide Get in touch…

An Interview with Hull52

Keyley Graham Designs Four of Clubs Q: Tell us a little about yourself? A: I am an Artist and Designer from Yorkshire, England. I work f freelance as, specialising in custom tattoo design and I also work for a growing digital marketing agency, Superfly Marketing, as a visual designer. I have skills in web…

Hull 52 Project

I recently worked with Hull52, a collaborative art project thought up by local artist Adam Kerr. The project was created to showcase the diversity of the Hull creative landscape by taking 52 creatives and asking them to design something simple, a playing card. Designs are unguided, uncensored and completely open to creative license. – Hull 52

Competition Time

I am currently running a competition where you have the chance to win yourself a free custom tattoo! All you have to do is follow the instructions on my Facebook page and you could be the winner! The custom piece can also be used as a print for your home or a loved one, it…

Christmas Nails

So over the Christmas period and New year I decided to get my nails done. I use to always get false nails but working as a designer it is hard to do anything in them. I decided being christmas I would treat myself to some really jazzy nails and I loved them so much I wanted to share them with you all.

Custom Plugs Collaboration

So I have recently been lucky enough to Collaborate with Custom Plugs! Custom Plugs started as a Leeds based company and now have three depots across the globe. I completely fell in love with the brand when I first saw them and it has been an honour to work with them in receiving and reviewing their products!